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   Filtrexx Silt Soxx



Filtrexx SiltSoxx are sediment-trapping devices using Filtrexx FilterMedia installed with a pneumatic blower device or equivalent. Filtrexx SiltSoxx trap sediment by filtering water passing through the berm and allowing water to pond, creating a settling of solids.  Flow through rates with Filtrexx SiltSoxx exceed values for traditional Silt Fence. 

Conditions where practice applies

Filtrexx SiltSoxx are to be used in any area requiring sediment or erosion control where runoff is in the form of sheet flow or in areas that silt fence is normally considered acceptable.  For the purposes of this document, Filtrexx SiltSoxx and silt fence are considered approved equals.  The use of Filtrexx SiltSoxx apply to areas of high sheet erosion, on steep slopes up to and exceeding a 2:1 slope, around inlets, and in other disturbed areas of construction sites requiring sediment control.  Filtrexx SiltSoxx may also be used in sensitive environmental areas, where migration of aquatic life, including turtles, salamanders and other aquatic life is impeded by the use of silt fence.


  • Less expensive

  • Superior filtration

  • Easy to maintain

  • Easy to remove

  • No disposal costs

  • Easy Application
       in hard to reach areas

  • Minimal failures

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